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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Website Promotion

  • Process of altering the code and contents of web pages so as to “optimise” them to rank higher among the results ofsearches for identified key phrases
  • Focuses on the organic search results returned by search engines, for which there are direct costs to be paid to the search engine.
  • Rank and longevity of rank cannot be guaranteed

SEO Process

  • Identify list of approx. 5-20 key phrases for which the website will be optimised. These key phrases are selected on the basis of their direct relevance to stated business objectives.
  • Initial Search Rank Report is generated for these key phrases, along with a Site Optimisation report that details changes needed to page code and website content to achieve higher ranks
  • Ranks are then monitored over a 30-45day period.
  • Monthly Search Rank Report is generated periodically, and basis that additional Site Optimisation Reports are generated as needed. The process is ongoing.

Pay Per Click

This mode of website promotion is direct in nature. Your website’s ad or link in text / image type appears on Search engines and or portals which attract large traffic of visitor everyday. Conceptually you pay for every click on your ad / link appearing on the advertising site’s URL.

Our team specializes in designing, running, optimizing and maintaining your Pay Per Click Campaign on most appropriate web resources. For example :- If you are an automobile part manufacturer, it is highly advisable for your ad / link to appear on -

  1. Search engines - In case at search engines your ad appears under ‘ sponsored links’ and is triggered every time a  visitor searches for your product specific ‘keyword’ Eg: - brake roll India could be a keyword which will trigger your ad on a search engine.
  2. Content Based – Automobile portals would be another type of websites which can bring you good result if you run your ad on it.

In a nutshell our highly learned and experienced team members work on their level best to work the right combination of your ‘Pay Per Click’ Campaign.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Process

  • Smart Web Solutions will identify various media partners that own large databases of the target group.
  • Smart Web Solutions will design an appropriate communication strategy for email marketing to these databases, and then proceed to execute the email campaigns. Smart Web Solutions will also produce specific landing pages on the website, if so demanded by the campaign strategy.

Banner Ads.

Banner Ads. - Process

  • Smart Web Solutions will prepare and execute the online advertising strategy at the launch of the website. Smart Web Solutions will prepare media plans that conform to the business objectives and media budgets outlined by the client.
  • Services include media strategy, media planning, media buying, creative strategy, creative execution, campaign execution, monitoring, reporting, analysis and further recommendations basis the results and analysis of the campaign.

These parameters will be presented both at a macro level per campaign as well as per media vehicle. Analysis of efficacy of the campaign and of each media vehicle as well as recommendations will form an integral part of the report.